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Intersol Furnitures

Phone: 0878632113, факс: 02/920 00 06
e-mail: kitchen@abv.bg

Furniture "Intersol" specializes in the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of furniture by individual project! We produce a wide range of products of high quality chipboard and MDF boards by order. Visit our office and our designers will make free design according to your wishes and combined with our experience! You can see computer generated 3D projects of your furniture. With our furniture you will get the best solution for furnishing that combines the harmony of colors, shape, functionality, design and quality, which can satisfy the most discriminating taste!Furniture manufactured by us meet all the requirements and preferences of the client complied with space-interior options of the premises for which they are intended. We offer FREE visit on site for measurements and computer generated 3D project. The project consists of clear visualization of desired by the customer Furniture_ The price of all Furniture made by us is determined depending on the materials for production, size and design!

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